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2019 & 2020 Monthly Newsletters

From this page you will have access to the most current club newsletter and several past newsletters. Since we are trying to control costs by reducing the number mailed and the eventual limit to the number we can store here, it is suggested that you print or save to a personal file any item you want to keep long term. We may be able to keep them stored here for a long time but make no promises.

Jackie Oglesby is our Secretary and the author of our newsletter. We have had so many comments as to the quality of information and interesting to read newsletters. She is obviously an interested and learned collector. She enjoys writing and is always working to keep everyone interested in the craft and hobby of glass collecting and more specifically, Fenton Art Glass. Due to the quality of her letters, we are making them available here for all to read. Please enjoy!

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Updated Tuesday 09/29/2020

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